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Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Size does matter While working an a women's clothing boutique dealing with fitting women in the correct size is a task. Especially for me due to my height and structure as with the same issue as some of my clients. While at the boutique I tried on several pairs of jeans and about four An that women jeans size vary from brand to brand. Most jeans I tried on from China were some clothing is labeled as numbers and letter sizes for instance sizes like 29, 32 or medium, large Jeans or dresses. But all were made very small not true to size at all’ They were made from countries like china and Japan, who sizes run different from ours. I had to get sizes that were about four size large to fit me. For example and extra large would be an american kids small. An a women's adult large would be a three or four sizes larger or above then a extra large, Although i found jeans that fit they were sizes i was unfamiliar with. Next I tried on famous jean brands made in the US like True religion, Levis and Joe jeans Which fitted true to size for me.Even though most brands i mention are made for small built women, I found Joe Jeans and true religion to be a perfect fit. Whereas Brands like 7 for all mankind was to small for my hips and but. W omens Jeans vary from Brant to brand depending on their sizing standards used by different manufacturers particularly on the waist and hip area. “ Women's biggest problem area

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